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Nissan Magnite is offered in a sub compact SUV segment | Is Nissan Magnite really in that segment | One stop answer to the queries about the segment entry –

First of all we need to understand what this segment has to offer and the thing we need to remember that this segment is being recognised and being over whelmed by the Indian consumer as the name sub compact SUV but as we all know real SUV character cant make it SUV there are many factors which are left in sub compact SUVs so in short these are all crossovers but as per automakers standard is Nissan Magnite a sub compact SUV or not? Lets find this –

Specs –Tata Nexon , Kia Sonnet or Ford eco sport or Maruti Suzuki Brezza or Hyundai venue has something similar in them that is its length ground clearance and engine size as well as power [ any engine spec can be similar]

But but……

Is Nissan Magnite really in this segment, lets see the factors

Platform- Renault Triber/Kwid entry level hatchback cum MPV

Engine – petrol manual – 999cc 71 hp and 96nm of torque

Petrol cvt or manual turbo – 999cc 99hp approx and 152nm of torque

Dimensions -l=3994mm , width=1758mm, height=1572mm wheel base=2500mm

Kerb weight=1039kgs

Conclusion similarities –

  1. Dimensions are of the same kind

  2. Engine spec petrol 71 bhp is a bit low

  3. Gear box – Automatic option is the key factor as it represents CVT Gear box configuration

  4. Platform is of a bit weak part as of a entry level hatchback Kwid or entry level MPV with a very weak body.

  5. Feature is almost the same

  6. Price segment- premium hatchback pricing

Final conclusion-

Yes this is a bit convenient car but weak and unsafe as per my observation and from my point it doesn’t fit in the sub compact SUV segment in terms platform rigidity and of performance of normal petrol but if in case of convenience it shows a better package for a city car and a bit big hatchback some what a small crossover yes features are secondary and now days everyone gives almost a same features from entry level and mid segment cars plastic quality is not at all up to the mark.

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