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Precaution of Safe Driving which Nobody tells

There are many accidents which causes deaths of humans and animals but the negative point of this is that for humans we care and we help but rather in animals case some people more intent to run over car or any vehicles blaming animals fault.

But from our side we can contribute saving life by some easy steps whenever an needy soul comes in front of car -

  1. Whenever dog is crossing road don’t panic rather horn in interval so that dog can leave the road without stopping on the road

  2. Don’t panic try to be in control and avoid hitting the dog your handling matters as an good driver

  3. If traffic is around u don’t panic at all try to tackle a dog and don’t press full break so that u don’t risk your life and can save life of a dog 

  4. If possible try to block the traffic so that dog can cross the road

  5. Never think that it’s only dog always try to save them as much importance u give to an human please imagine them as a human so that u can save them

  6. Respect animals that’s a major point 

  7. If u are an enthusiast driver and u drive rashly u want speed then be please get a particular place where their is no one around like racing circuit 

  8. Or u can opt for clear highway and always take your car to the speed which u can handle your life and people or animals around your life’s are safe and nobody gets effected 

  9. Always go for a stable as well as safer car as if u are not able to control which u must control so that which gods forbid u lost control can’t take life of others and yourself take a safe car if u even hit your car in divider nobody gets injured as much as it can happen in normal car.  ( most important point ) 

  10. Go for safer cars and respect life’s around u every ones life matter it doesn’t matter it’s animal or humans everyone feel pain and has emotions.

  11. Always think there is life like humans and they feel pain like us so it will keep u motivated to save ourselves and other life’s at time of requirement

#SarCarThak #SafeDriving

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