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The Truth About the Safety Norms

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

What are the new safety norms for cars added- from the base model

1. Rear parking sensor

2. Driver side airbag

3. ABS [Anti Lock Braking System]

4. Speed alert warning

5. Crumple zone

Is Crumple Zone Helpful or Dangerous?

As per pedestrian safety crumple zone is a very good feature which helps pedestrian in case of accident. The crumple zone is the front bonnet portion of cars which in case of accident cramps up like a flip V shape to save pedestrians in times of accident so that pedestrian doesn’t hit the glass or hurt themselves

For cars it’s a feature which can effect bonnet a lot but if the safety arises the safety norms says that for pedestrians its necessary. So the automakers have found a very good solution to balance the safety of pedestrians and passengers that they have made a frame which can avoid cars and passengers to get affected while an accident. Some brands have taken it seriously to make a front engine bay shield stronger to prevent accidents with the crumple zone. And some car makers have taken it lightly to make not that strong for basic performance and efficiency.

How Safe is High Strength Steel Cars?

nowadays car makers are making a bit light cars including high strength steel for new gen cars it’s a common feature but this can be proved after the reports of crash test or observing the built was started from sports cars now its getting common its main focus is of performance and air dynamic stabilities.

But some times this high strength steel can be dangerous but if equally balanced of safety and build quality this could be the best choice

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