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What is actual safety of car?

There are many assumptions, myths and rumours in Indian Car Market. But this was always a trending topic and this wave made Tata hit and Maruti reality got revealed outside in the market.

- Now many people have made a myth that build quality depends on this following parts and elements

  • Thickness of sheet

  • Heavy weight

  • thud sound

  • airbag

But they don’t tell what was the actual thing which explains build these are only factors of build quality these are also important but there is something way above some more and important factor.

  • Chassis – the main body sits on chassis and its strength and rigidity is the main as it proves how safe the car is and how comfortable the cars are And many more factors

  • Crumple zone – this is the part of car which not even save pedestrians and can save passengers by hood crumping into like a V shape to ensure passengers inside don’t get injured.

  • Metal or aluminum protection Bar in front of side corners rear – if u will see a car chassis raw design u can clearly see some strong bar protection at front side and in beams as well as rear.

  • Quality of sheet metal engineering- sheet size is all most the same in all cars yes the car sheet thickness matter but we cant forget the importance of other parts so that passengers at last needs to safe.

  • Designing engineering- yes designing is a must if u can design a car u can’t forget this part in right size and angles

  • Stability – if a car is stable its more chances of accident is less as compared to other cars.

  • Suspension/shocker adjustment- yes stability at last also depends on shocker or suspension setup.

  • Height

  • Safety beams – these are the most important part in simple words what u see around your windows the beam which is situated they have the major role to play in safety they can save u from rollover accidents.

  • Seat belt pretensioners - these are the most visible but ignored element of safety which used to retract seat belts at time of accident so u don’t hit the dashboard or the front seats if u are sitting in last seat.

So now u can understand the reality of build quality

Build is the structure which is altogether merged with outside elements of car

And built is the visa versa it only depends on the quality like plastic quality and color quality of a interior element.

This is my overall understanding in short there are many more factors but we should judge car by not only in terms of sheet metal but we should also refer to these points.

Drive Safe and always remember this will help u when u are driving with responsibility always do not effect animals or humans or any other life around.





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